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introducing…hi sunshine!

October 5, 2009
hey guys! happy monday! 🙂
so unfortunately we had a post scheduled for today that didn’t end up working out…
we’ve left you guys hanging for too long so my good friend courtney over at hi sunshine agreed to whip up a post for us last minute!
her blog isn’t one we typically host here, as in it’s still quite a baby.
but i wanted to give you guys a great post to read, to lead into our new theme and our continuing flow of posts.
so stop by to visit courtney, and give her some encouraging words as she starts out on her blogging adventure!
hope everyone has a wonderful monday!!
xoxo, nicole

Blog: hi sunshine!

Blogger’s Name: courtney chase
Location: north carolina
What we like about her: well, for starters, we love that she whipped up a beautiful post for us so quickly! she just started blogging, but through her posts, you can already tell what a wonderful, happy person she is! she’s been through some struggles in her life, and she’s bravely pushed through and decided to tell her story!

Hmmm interesting ….what else should we know: oh, did we mention…she loves daisies! hence her adorable quote at the top of her page…a daisy a day makes everything ok! overall she’s a very happy person, and although her blog hasn’t been up for very long, she’s a sweet sociable blogger, and we’ve very excited to see where her blog goes!
 Lightening Round
*the place where we ask the really important questions!*

What made you start your blog? i’ve had the most life changing year, this past year and i decided i wanted to document everything. i’ve learned a lot about myself, that i didn’t know before. blogging help gets all my thoughts out of my head!

Where do you get your inspiration from? my amazing family, my friends, my job, and basically just life!

How would you describe your blog in one sentence? it’s still in the making… so far my aim has been for it to be fun, uplifting and inspirational!

Do you prefer muffins or cupcakes? hmm definitely cupcakes!
don’t forget to check out courtney’s post below with her take on the new theme!!!

“Important things we didn’t get to learn in school”
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  1. October 5, 2009 10:12 pm

    I prefer cupcakes too, looks like another lovely blogger! 🙂

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