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Behind every blogger…

November 11, 2009
…is a person full of ideas, thoughts and inspiration. I try to capture photos of things I find interesting, unique and beautiful and to have memories to remember of places I’ve been to. And also of course to share with others of what I see and where I’ve been. I think a photo can be truly inspiring for many and it makes me smile to see others enjoy what I’ve captured on film and inspire them in a way. What I post in my blog is things that show who I am, I just like being myself.

Here are few film photos I’ve taken using a Holga, and behind every photo is a little about me.

Music is a big part of me and it makes me very happy seeing someone play the saxophone. It’s one of favorite instruments and I myself play it too. It has such a beautiful jazzy sound to it. Very fun to play!
These leaves are some of the first ones that fell from a tree and a sign of autumn. I love Fall, the colors, the warm clothing, coffee, cuddling, and warm blankets ^_^

I can’t help take photos of flowers, I know they’ll end up always looking beautiful. Things from nature is my most favorite things to take pictures of because it so naturally beautiful. Nature inspires me :] Whether its clouds, the sea, leaves, trees or a river.
Evelyn x
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  1. November 11, 2009 9:09 pm

    your photos are wonderful:) ill be sure to check out your blog!

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