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Gather round and meet… Evelyn

November 11, 2009

Blog: A Star of Love

Blogger: Evelyn

Location: San Francisco

What we like about her: Evelyn’s blog is happy! Each post is positive and interesting with lovely words and images and you genuinely feel happier from reading them.

Wow, she sounds great… tell me more: Not only is Evelyn’s positivity inspiring but she also takes the most beautiful photos with her Holga camera and she always looks lovely as well.

Lightning Round:….the place where we ask THE hard-hitting, important life questions that you all need and want to know:

What made you start your blog?

After reading other peoples’ blogs for awhile gave me the urge to start my own because it seemed fun to share the things about yourself, of what you like and also its a good way to meet bloggers from around the world. And I’ve met some awesome people through the blog world. So I’m happy to have started my blog.

Do you prefer muffins or cupcakes?

I like them both haha. I know most choose cupcakes because they are cute and sweet looking. But muffins are really good too! So I say muffins since I’ve had them more than cupcakes.

Your favorite book is?

Ahh! this is hard, me being a bookworm haha. I love almost all but I have to say my favorite book is ‘Water for Elephants’ by Sara Gruen. What an awesome book it is and I highly recommend! 😀

If you could have tea and cake with any three people (living or dead) who would you pick?

Well I would love to have tea and cake with Thom Yorke. Don’t know if he’ll like to have tea and cake though haha. But I am a big fan of his music. He’s the lead singer of Radiohead and I think he sings amazing and writes the most incredible lyrics!

America Ferrera. She inspires me and she’s so confident. I think she’s very lovely!

and Mila Kunis. A favorite actress of mine because she’s so cool and beautiful. I love her personality and because she plays World of Warcraft too! Haha.

What TV show would you like your life to be?

Maybe ‘The Office’. It’s so hilarious and I think it would a lot of fun to be part of that funny show. Michael Scott always makes me laugh. But another show that’ll be very cool would be ‘LOST’. But I don’t know if’ll I like to be stuck living in an island for so long. I might go crazy! xD

Isn’t she delightful? Don’t forget to read Evelyn’s amazing guest post below and check out her lovely lovely blog – it will make your day!

Rhianne x


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  1. November 11, 2009 12:13 pm

    I love her blog!
    I’ve missed your posts, this was lovely 🙂
    All my love!

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