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Behind every great blogger is…

November 15, 2009
– An inspiration
– A motive
– A reason
– A secret
I have many secrets. Many of which, don’t mean anything to anyone but me. But sometimes, if you think about it for a long time it just might.
I’ve changed who I am, and I love myself for it. But I’m just a little less sure of myself everyday I keep saying that I will be less nervous. That this will work… Kind of like the way a thread slowly unravels, until there’s nothing left. I’m scared that will happen to me.

I keep having little moments, when I stop, stare, and remember the awkward smiles, and not so funny jokes, they way we screamed at each other from across a room. Yet we were still smiling, we were only just joking we were still laughing. And I wasn’t so serious, I wasn’t so scared anymore.

I thought everything that was you and everything that was me would intertwine so magically that all that lay before us in this big scary world would disregard all the pain and suffering I had caused everyone and just indulge in the love that was so devastatingly beautiful a single kiss could save a thousand lives.

But because of all of this I realised that I could write everyone I’ve ever missed a thousand emails, asking how they are, and how much I miss them. But none of that would compare to a small envelope with a picture of us smiling together.
And  scrawled on the back, would be those three little words written in my hand writing.

Because I think that would mean a great deal more.

that’s what’s behind me.
What’s behind you?

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  1. November 19, 2009 2:52 am

    SO true. Love the pictures. Love the message.
    LOVE Diamond in the Rough.

    ehx oh

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