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Gather round and meet… Paulina

November 25, 2009

mona may iBlog: Mona May I

Blogger: Paulina

Location: New York


What we like about her:  We don’t just like Paulina, we love her! Not only does she write amazing posts about her life as a stay at home Mum, but she also has beautiful pictures.

PhotobucketWow, she sounds great… tell me more: Paulina genuinely loves being a Mum and her love for her son (and baby on the way, yeay) shines through her blog as does her love for her Mr. Mans. You can’t help but love them a little bit as well.

Lightning Round:….the place where we ask THE hard-hitting, important life questions that you all need and want to know:

 What made you start your blog?

More than anything, I wanted a place where I could share my experiences as a twenty-something year old stay at home mother. I wanted to shine a light on how even though what I do is not glamorous, it is by far the most important period in my life. I found, more often than not, that younger mothers, and especially younger stay-at-home mothers, were being placed in a bracket as being ‘outdated’ or in some meaner cases, even uneducated.

I tend to keep the politics of it all out of my blog, because I sometimes feel it can draw in negativity, so I focus on the positive:  the kisses I receive, the tiny baby hand that curls around my bigger one, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having a warm and inviting home.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From my home: the love shared, conversations had, pictures admired, and books read.

Do you prefer muffins or cupcakes?

See this is hard, because I think pretty much everyone prefers the ever-more-popular, prettier cupcake. I am almost always cheering on for the underdog, and thus, even though my sweet tooth wants a cupcake, I feel bad that the muffin (the uglier, less popular cousin of the cupcake) tends to go unnoticed.

So here is my solution: let us take a stand against muffin discrimination and let us slather some lovely frosting on the less-sweeter version of the cupcake!

Problem solved.

Your most embarrassing moment is?

Probably when I realized that the cupcake vs. muffin debate is one that I may have taken a bit too seriously.

How do you take your tea?

I’ve just recently realized that from a U.K stand point this is quite an important question. So I am being brave by answering this, as I sometimes really fear being judged too harshly…but I tend to take my tea every which way!

Most obviously, with milk and sugar.  But, if I am feeling luxurious I take it with milk and honey, I can’t help but associate milk and honey with abundance and luxury.

But, if I feel like I need a bit of healing (spiritual or mental) I take it with honey and lemon.  And gasp if you may, but I sometimes just take my tea plain. Because, well, I love tea, and sometimes I want to appreciate it for what it is, sans dressings.


I’m so excited about sharing Paulina’s blog with you, please check it out and fall in love with her and her family a little bit. Oh and check out her amazing guest post below!


5 Comments leave one →
  1. November 26, 2009 12:09 am

    awwwwww, i like her! off to check out her blog!

  2. November 26, 2009 10:54 am

    Yay for Paulina – one of my favourite favourite bloggers! Wonderful answers – and you handled the loaded tea question beautifully! x

  3. November 27, 2009 10:15 pm

    Thank you ladies so much for this opportunity!!!! Such a joy to be a part of something such a great blog!

  4. November 28, 2009 5:40 pm

    I too, LOVE Paulina, wonderful post as always and thank you all for featuring her one your blog!! 😀

  5. November 30, 2009 12:30 am

    Paulina, You are amazing. Following you has been such a great way to keep up with ya’ll! Your blog is just as fantab as you are Sister!! Love you!!!

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