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Liminality and dreams…

February 3, 2010

Things have changed. When I began my blog, I was unsure about so many things in my life and on my blog. “What am I supposed to blog about?” “How do I get people to look at my blog?” Those are just some of the many questions that flooded my mind. Then there was school, which was just around the corner. I was nervous and afraid that things would be like the previous year: difficult. But as school started up again, I suddenly started finding my way…making better friends, enjoying my classes, and my blog began to reflect that. Many things have changed and come true, I am still in a slight state of liminality but things will continue to change as my dreams are put forth and I discover even more of myself.

In the future…

I want to find a career that I enjoy doing

Continue being close to my
crazy, funny, lovely, energetic, amazing family!
(haha wow that’s a mouthful!)

Find some way to use all the French I learned…
Besides saying random bits to my friends…:D


Move somewhere that snows…

Write a book

Find love


Open a Patisserie


And keep blogging! 🙂
So I can continue getting to know wonderful people like YOU! Hehe.

 Jessica x

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