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Dream a little dream…

February 10, 2010

dreams surround me
drifting around me in the indigo sky
like fireflies
they burst with lemon tinted light
illuminating my mind to the
liminality of this moment
as I stand on this threshold of
I prepare myself for the time to come
the time for my dreams to be realized
Dreams connect us all, young, old, or somewhere in between, we all have dreams. Some dreams are fleeting, some long lasting, but really it’s the dreams that we follow and act on that matter.
The word liminality meant very little to me before I was asked to do this post. In fact I had never heard of it before and had to look it up in the dictionary to find the meaning. Upon learning it, it makes sense that these two words stand connected. Dreams all have a starting point, a threshold so to speak, liminality, and it is at that moment when we leap fearlessly into the future hoping upon hope that our dreams will become reality.

My dreams are only just beginning. I have dreams of being an illustrator of children’s books,

traveling the world,
finding true love,
starting a family,
running my own business,
opening a knit and crochet café,

and so many others that at times I wonder which one to follow.
But that’s part of the fun of it, and that’s what makes life an adventure, one I hope you’ll travel along with me.

XOXO, Callie
the magical bean

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  1. February 11, 2010 2:30 am

    I love this post. And I love to dream.

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